Teeth Whitening

Do you dream of having a brilliantly white smile? Unfortunately, that goal may seem next to impossible. But you’re not stuck with those stains! Cosmetic dentistry offers a way for you to achieve a dazzling smile in just a single appointment with your dental care professional.

How Does the Whitening Process Work?

When you come into our office for your cosmetic consultation, we’ll evaluate the stains on your teeth and design a treatment plan to help you reach your smile goals. If Whitening is right for you, we strongly suggest that you undergo a professional teeth cleaning before your procedure; removing plaque and tartar will help your whitening treatment produce the best possible results.

After your teeth are nice and clean, the Zoom! the process will go like this:

  • We cover your lips and gums so the bleaching gel won’t irritate them.
  • We apply a whitening solution to your teeth and then activate it with a special UV light and Lasers. Working together, the light and the bleaching gel penetrate your teeth to destroy stains.
  • The gel stays on your teeth for about 15 minutes before we rinse it off. We may reapply the gel multiple times during your session to achieve optimal results.