Basal Implants

Basal Implants also known as Cortical bone implants are an advanced implantology system that utilizes the basal (cortical) portion of the jaw bones for the retention of the dental implants.

Basal implants are made of a single piece of Titanium metal uniquely designed to be accommodated in the basal (cortical) bone areas. The basal bone area or provides excellent bone quality for the retention of these unique and highly advanced implants. , basal implants are anchored in the cortical (the hardest) bone.

It is a new category with new broad indications and almost no limitations. Basal implantology replaces large fields of traditional implantology. Because basal implantology includes the application of the rules of orthopedic surgery, it could also be categorized to be an “oral division of orthopedic surgery.”

Types Of Basal Implants:

Basal implants are considered to be the best choice for

  • Individuals with moderate or severe atrophy of the jaw
  • Individuals with Gum Disease and Periodontitis

The Step By Step Procedure Of Basal Implant Placement

STEP 1 : Under Local Anesthesia, Doctors and Team will place Basal Implants without Surgery or Incision of the Gum, which minimizes recovery time and risk of infection. In cases where teeth extraction is necessary, the placement of Basal implants is performed immediately after the extraction of teeth ,therefore minimizing bone loss. A typical full jaw restoration will require between 10 to 12 implants and could be done in less than 2 hours with the expert hands of the Doctor and Team at Sriram Dental Clinic.

STEP 2 : Once the placement of the implants is completed an impression is taken to prepare Final Prosthesis. The dental temporary metal prosthetic is placed, other imprints are taken to finalize the manufacturing of the final prosthesis.

STEP 3 : Final prosthetic is loaded and permanently cemented to the implants. Patient immediate return to a perfect smile and natural function of the teeth. The patient can start chewing on the teeth on the same day.